mercredi 12 décembre 2007

Tv journal #5 Prison break

I loved the exercise of watching a series and making a TV journal of it. Watching TV in English is a very good way to learn. Sometimes, in class or when we are doing homework, it can be very boring, so we are not in a good mood to learn. So, watching a series that you love is a very good way to increase your English. For my part, I discovered a real passion for the Prison Break series. I watched completely the first and the second season in two weeks. That’s about 50 episodes. And the DVDs were not translated to French so I still watched it in English after the episodes that were for the TV journal. Now I’m watching the third season at FOX on Monday. The part that you have to discuss with other people about your program was fun too because I really liked the series and I wanted to express how good Prison Break is. There is also the fact that we post our assignment on a blog so everybody can see it. I hope that when your future students will look at our blog they will choose to watch Prison Break.

TV journal #4 Prison Break

Episode #1 of the second season. Under the view of Michael Scofield.

The morning after the escape, we were still running in the forest trying to shake off the prison guard. But it was no longer just the prison guards; the FBI was also chasing us. I heard the dogs bark behind us, I knew they were getting closer. In fact, Bellick, a prison guard, finally reached us, and shot in our direction. He almost got me, but my brother saved me at the last second. When we finally got to the cemetery, where were our things that were going to help us to disappear like passports, money and clothes. When we were leaving, I saw a SUV and a guy who seemed to be from the FBI. In fact, when he saw us he started running after us. We finished by losing him but I was afraid because if he knew where we were, he was able to know where we are going. We finally decided to go in separate ways to get more chance of losing the police. For sure, I went with my brother in the west of the United States to find the money of Westmorland.

dimanche 14 octobre 2007

TV journal assignement #2---Prison Break

This week, I watched the last Prison Break’s episode of the first season. In this episode, Michael, his brother and 6 other guys escaped from the Fox River prison. They passed over the wall of the prison and they started to run in the forest to shake off the prison guard. A truck was waiting for them to go to the plane they were supposed to take. But when they were in the truck they saw a couple of police cars that were blocking the road, so they decided to make it on foot. But when they finally arrived at the airstrip, the plane was leaving because the cops were arriving. So the 8 guys did not think twice and they went back to the forest to lose the police in the dark.

jeudi 30 août 2007

TV journal assignment # 1--- Prison break

The TV program that I chose is Prison Break. When I knew that we will have to watch a tv program for the english class I already knew that I was going to watch the Prison Break series. I watched some episodes 2 years ago but it was to difficult for me to watch a tv program every week. So I took the opportunity to finally watch this TV program. Also, this program can show me how it is in an American prison. The story takes place at Fox River which is a prison in Illinois. Michael Scofield the main character goes to prison for a bank robbery. But the only goal of Michael is to go to prison to save his brother from the dead. His brother who is Lincoln Burrows, is set to death by electrocution for the murder of the brother of the vice president. The entourage of Burrows know that he is not guilty and this is why Michael wants to help him escape from the prison. The main attraction of the program is the tattoo that Michael has on his entire body that shows the map of the prison. So the story is about two brothers who are trying to escape from prison, that's why it is named Prison Break.